When You Need to Hire a Music Lawyer

If you are in the entertainment industry, you will most likely need a lawyer sometime in your profession. The entertainment industry, like most industries, is a very competitive industry to be in.

Having a music lawyer will be incredibly advantageous to you throughout your career. And in this article, we have taken the liberty to outline a few scenarios when you may want to consider having a music lawyer.

It is always best to stay several steps ahead.

Even if you are not going to hiring a music lawyer right away, it will prove invaluable for you to have information on some music lawyers you feel comfortable hiring.

As mentioned, this is a very competitive industry. Everyone wants to “make it.”

So, stay one step ahead of everyone else, and you will have a career that is not as troublesome as other artists.

If you would like to learn more about hiring a lawyer (of any profession, as not all lawyers have the same area of expertise), feel free to reach out to Douglas Healy, who will better guide you through the proper steps of finding the best lawyer for your particular situation.

With this said, let us dive on in, shall we?

When You Need to Hire a Music Lawyer?

Listed below are several incidents when you may want to consider hiring a lawyer.

You Are Way In Over Your Head (Emotions Are Getting In The Way)

Remember, it is all business. It is imperative that you keep your emotions in check and that you professionally control yourself. If you have been in a dispute that could jeopardize your career and you are not at fault, you will want to reach out to a lawyer who will be better equipped at handling the situation.

If your agent is stealing money from you, or if there have been some illegal actions going on in your sphere of influence, you will want to reach out to a music lawyer.

You don’t want to get trapped up in the dream of others. Focus on your career and reach out to a lawyer when things are way out of your hands.

You Can End Up Going To Jail

If there is a possibility of you going to jail, for whatever issue that may have arisen (ill-intent or from sheer naïveté), you will want to reach out to a lawyer.

The music industry, although very exciting, is well-known to be shady as well. There is a lot of people who will backstab and tear down others in a. heartbeat if they get the chance.

Be very careful who you may hang around, and if you do get caught up in a situation that could end you up in prison, reach out to a lawyer.

If Your Opponent Has An Attorney

You will want to reach out to a music lawyer if someone is bringing allegation against you, and they have an attorney. You don’t want to fight in the legal arena by yourself, especially if you have very little knowledge about how the law works.

Hiring a music lawyer to defend you will make this whole ordeal that much easier to handle.

And again, we cannot stress how important it is to have music lawyers already listed. You always want to be prepared for any situations that may arise.

A Contract Is Needed

When it is time to sign your contract, it is important to have someone who is well versed in the legal business parameters to look things over. They will be able to find any loopholes and protect you fro things that may jeopardize your future.

You want to have as much control over your professional life as possible, and by having a music layer look things over, you will be better defended from any schemes that agents may be trying to take on you.

A Contract Has Been Broken

Lastly, if a third-party, or associate, has broken the contract that you have signed, you have been working with, reach out to a music lawyer. They will be able to reinforce the law and even help you get compensated for any losses or images that have been associated with your name due to ill-intent or means to harm you or your likeness.

Need More Resources

If you would like a bit more information about hiring a lawyer, feel free to reach out to Douglas Healy to learn more (the link is above)

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