The Dam of Creativity

Sometimes I sit down at my desk and I try to think of my next big project or my next grand masterpiece. I think and I think but nothing seems to be manifesting from any ideas onto paper—I have musician’s block. If you are an artist such as the talented Dana Sibilsky, a musician such as myself or any kind of creative mind, you’ve probably had this type of block before. There are many types of blocks ranging from artist block, musician’s block, writers block, coder’s block, you name it.

What is a block?

A block is simply a moment, no matter how short or how long when your creative flow and thoughts stop and will not progress past this point no matter how hard you try. Everything you think of and create doesn’t seem good enough and you are left feeling like you have failed and wasted the entire day.

How do you beat the block?

Getting past this block seems impossible and some of them are at least for that day. Many people have many different cures for the creative block and my way may not suit your style or way of doing things. For some people, getting the jump on the block is as easy as walking away from the situation for 30 minutes or an hour, maybe getting some food or doing another activity and coming back to face the block again once their mind is refreshed. Then there are people like me who have learned that the block is nothing more than a battle for focus and it requires discipline and dedication to fight your way through.

My method of defeating this annoying dam for thoughts and ideas is to push harder and try harder. If I can’t think of an idea, I think harder and I don’t give up until I win and on my desk is a finished product of music that has taken me hours to compose. My way of getting past the creative block could drive you crazy, so the best thing to do is to find a method that works for you.


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