Should You Hire a Public Relations Firm as an Aspiring Musician?

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Most businesses or companies can benefit at one time or another from a good public relations firm. For authors, artists, entertainers, musicians and other creatives, however, they are not just valuable, they are essential for building your business. Anyone in almost any creative field will almost assuredly need to hire a public relations firm if they have any hopes of being, becoming or staying successful. A public relations firm can help artists at many stages of their career but are a particularly important tool for building an artist’s career. Here are three reasons you should hire a public relations firm as an aspiring musician.

1. They can help you craft your brand

People are innately drawn to certain things and repelled by others for reasons we ourselves cannot always explain. Branding is the process by which you determine the kind of person that is most likely to be drawn by what you have to offer and then determining what elements they are most likely to be drawn to. People are unconsciously drawn and repelled by a wide variety of minutia ranging from specific shades of certain colors to certain fonts over others to certain sounds or types of sounds.

If you were to take the album art of 100 different artists and line them up, it would be fairly easy to sort them into genre even if you were unfamiliar with the artist. As much as artists all want to different, unique and individual, they still have to brand themselves in a certain way if they ever hope to connect strongly with an audience. Branding is about determining what elements will help a specific artist connect most strongly with the audience most predisposed to like what they have to offer. A good public relations firm like Nancy Behrman Communications can help you figure all of this out.

2. They can get you in front of the right influencers

In 2008, world-renowned classical violinist Joshua Bell stood on a Washington D.C. metro platform and played for tips. He made a whopping $32. Two days earlier, he played for a sold-out crowd that paid an average of $100 for a seat to hear him play. He also played the same complex piece in the metro station on the exact same violin, valued at around $3.5 million dollars, as he did in the concert hall. The same music, played by the same musician on the same instrument brought in thousands of dollars one night and $32 another. What made the difference?

The sad fact of the matter is that humans beings are largely herd animals. It just doesn’t matter how great your music is if you don’t have the right people promoting it. Love it or hate it, but influencer marketing works and a good public relations firm can get you in front of the right influencers. Just a single comment about your band, brand, music or album from the right influencer can catapult you right out of obscurity into suddenly being the hottest ticket in town.

3. They can help you become famous the right way

It is an unfortunately reality of all artists that fame and success generally go hand in hand. While many artists want to be successful, not all of them necessarily want to be famous but you generally can’t have one without the other. It is another unfortunate fact that in a world where everyone has a smart phone and access to social media, every conversation, every interaction and every comment you make has the potential to be a bombshell to your brand.

Artists, musicians and other public figures need to become painfully aware that every word they say and every action they take has the potential to go global and significantly tarnish their image and reputation. Just ask Paula Deen, David Hasselhoff, Tom Cruise, Pee-Wee Herman or George Michael. While fame may be critical to your career, the goal is to become famous and not infamous. A good public relations management firm like Nancy Behrman Communications can not only help you build a stellar brand reputation but they can also help you manage things when unfortunate incidents occur in order to preserve your brand as best as possible

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