Music Is Magical

Music has been a means of entertainment and expression for thousands of years. Today, music is the most used form of entertainment with motion picture right behind and following close. Many would disagree with this, but let’s just put it into perspective.

On average, more people are quicker to listen to music when studying, hanging out with friends, cleaning, working or just to kill time and relax than they are to turn on a movie. Sound, for some reason, has more entertaining properties than anything visual.

If you don’t believe me, watch something on TV and mute the sound. Instantly, the interest is gone. Now turn the sound on and close your eyes. You can hear, but you can see which forces the mind to use it’s imagination and create scenes to match what you hear.

Music is the exact same way. Have you ever listened to a song a kept your eyes closed? The music stimulates your brain to use it’s imagination and the mood of the song, whether it be happy, scary, sad or angry in sound, determines where your imagination goes.

Music is a power thing and I believe it is rooted deep within our being which is why we connect with it so well and so naturally. As you can see here on Dana Sibilsky’s art blog, an old man is given music from his time and if you watch the video featured, the results you’ll see are amazing. After you watching that video you cannot deny that music has an impact in a person’s life.

Music has bee

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