John Ross Jesensky Music That Has Power

I guess it’s been awhile since I have written a post, hm? Surely much longer than I’d like. I will say that I have gotten more preoccupied with my studies and music lessons, teaching young ones the power and art of music and music theory is so enlightening. It’s one of the only things we have on Earth, that is, music, that allows our souls to sing together. Have you ever known of anything else that can bring complete strangers together other than a disaster? If there’s a natural disaster, such as a tornado, a flood or earthquake, we naturally work together. Music brings us together in the same way.

This is what I have to say that I, John Ross Jesensky, am all about. I encourage people to work together and I use music to as my tool to do that. I have been doing this ever since my college days over 30 years ago. Gracious, has it been that long?! I have been passionate about music since my early childhood. I was constantly studying it, reading it, playing it. It wasn’t until my college career and going deeper into my studies that I noticed how it affected human relationships and the way we bonded and worked together. This is also true for plants! The type of music being plays, such as smooth jazz, classical, something with chords and heavenly sounds can cause the plant to grow up to at least 7% faster and healthier, whereas vulgar music, scary music, such as rap, metal, or music with harsh sounds that use electronic basses will kill the plant.

In the near future, I’ll be doing a few more music tests and experiments. I have need for ideas, so please feel free to send me comments on this post as to what I should do. Remember: your brain needs food too, so feed it music that nurtures to encourage growth!

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