Jeffrey English NJ Shares Why Musicians Make Great Graphic Designers

Jeffrey English NJ

When you are thinking of changing careers or adding to your workload, you might consider becoming a graphic designer. Musicians often make wonderful graphic designers, and there are a few tips below that explain why. This information will help you understand why you might want to hire designers who have more than an art background. You might also consider becoming a designer yourself.

Musicians And Artists Think Alike

Jeffrey English NJ understands that musicians and artists think alike. Musicians and artists both work under the established rules of practice in their respective disciplines. A musician knows what sounds good when they improvise, and they also know what sounds good when they are playing music that was composed long ago.

Artists know what looks good, but they also know how to bend the existing rules to get the results that they want. when a musician becomes an artist, they can easily use their understanding of “breaking the rules” to get what they want.

Musicians And Artists Also Understand How Their Style Makes A Difference

An artist and a musician both understand that they should have a style that is all their own. You can listen to certain bands, composers, and musicians, and you will know instantly who they are. Their style is so distinctive that you cannot think of anyone but them. Some artists and musicians have styles that are so unique that they have been copied over and over again.

This means that an artist and a musician can take inspiration from someone, twist that content, and make it their own.

Musicians And Artists Understand Inspiration

Jeffrey English NJ knows that artists and musicians both get inspired by things that are all around them. This makes a musician a very good graphic artist because they can take inspiration from anything. A client can tell the artist that they want something that closely mirrors an existing piece or campaign, and the designer can twist that idea until it is all their own.

Musicians And Artists Understand Deadlines

Musicians eventually must release their art or music out into the world. A designer cannot change something once it has been completed, and musicians cannot take back the notes they have played. That is why you need to search for designers who are willing to move on when they are finished with a project.

If your designer continues to ask for revision time, you will never get anything done. At the same time, you should also ask your musician or graphic designer how they would expound upon certain marketing strategies. They might want to add their own twist.

Musicians Love Being Creative

Graphic design involves quite a lot of creativity that some people simply cannot summon. You might have found someone who is very good at using a design program or photo editor, but they may not be very creative. You do not want to get generic ideas for your business. You need to find someone who can think outside the box, create something unique, and understand how to avoid copying the things you like most.

Musicians Can Help You Add Music To Your Ad Campaigns

You can work with musicians to add music to your ad campaigns. You should not be afraid to step up to the next level with music that will enhance your videos and ads. You can ask the musician to create the music on their own, or you could ask the musician to pick music that sounds good.

Musicians Can Be Left To Their Own Devices

You do not need to micromanage a musician. Musicians know that they need to practice in private, hone their craft, and improve every day. You can give a musician a few days to get something done, and you can be sure that they are working diligently on the project for that entire time. If you feel you need to micromanage a designer you just hired, you might consider hiring a creative musician instead.


When you are looking for a graphic designer, you should consider hiring a musician who has an eye for details, thinks outside the box, and even helps you add music to your marketing. At the same time, you should consider going into graphic design if you are a musician. A musician can start a new career, make extra money on the side, and enhance their own creativity by working in this field. You do not even need to be good at drawing. You can use computer programs that do most of the work for you

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