Jared Londry on the Intersection of Music and Real Estate

jared londry music school real estateWriting music is a deeply personal experience that often requires a specific set of conditions conducive to the artist’s individual creative process. Every musician is unique in this way, with some preferring isolation in such a remote setting that it becomes something of a Spartan experience, while others prefer to make their home the permanent space in which they work. Having worked with all manner of clients throughout his career in commercial real estate, Jared Londry has shown a diverse array of properties to clients seeking an ideal creative space in which they can achieve peak productivity.

Londry has represented sellers in multi-million dollar property sales like the Accenture Credit Services Building ($7.4 million) and the office portion of the Arlington in Asheville ($7.5 million), so he has a clear understanding of how to go about working with a client with very specific needs for a workspace that will promote peak levels of productivity. Of course, the considerations for the space a musician might be seeking are quite different from the considerations a traditional commercial venture might seek, but the approach nevertheless remains quite similar.

Whether it is a group of musicians seeking a rural barn with the kind of acoustics needed to convert it into a recording studio or a solo artist seeking a property similar to Prince’s Paisley Park estate, the same principles that guide brokers in commercial real estate sales can be applied to musicians seeking a property that encourages creativity and consistent productivity. While the type of property the client is seeking may be radically different from most commercial real estate sales, the philosophy guiding the broker need not be adjusted to some radical degree.

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