Investors Underground on the Similarities Between Music and Investing

country-946706_960_720It’s not often that an attempt is made to draw a comparison between the art of music and the practice of a specific form of investing, and it is even less often that the comparison that is drawn turns out to be quite apt. In a recent analysis offered by Investors Underground, one of its members noted the many similarities between day trading with the community the company had created and one of music’s great traditions: collaboration.

In order to provide a bit of context, the manner in which Investors Underground functions includes a significant focus on exchanging ideas and strategies with other community members on the subject of day trading. This is accomplished through a number of venues, including a live forum as well as live webinars and educational courses, and members of all ability and experience levels are encouraged to assist each other in improving the results they are able to generate through a day trading investment strategy.

In essence, Investors Underground is providing its community members with seemingly endless opportunities to collaborate with other investors in order to both sharpen and expand their skills as they pertain to day trading. This is very similar to a practice long beloved by musicians, many of whom cite collaborative experiences with other musicians from a wide range of genres as deeply influential and critical to their growth as an artist.

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