Could Kim Bettasso Be A Musician?

I have written a while back about how music brings us all together because it is a universal language that we all speak. Music has the power to change your mood and also has the power to bring us closer. In fact, when I really think about it, one thing has to come together for other things to come together. Music is nothing more than a bunch of notes, pitches and octaves of different layers (high frequency, mid frequency, low frequency) that come together to create something unique.

It’s so much easier to keep up with all my music and profiles by keeping them together the way Kim Bettasso keeps all her experience and qualifications together and organized in a clean online profile. The service I use is with a little bit of Why do I use both? I use soundcloud because it is popular among the younger generation; use this site for popularity. I use Reverbnation because it is the main site that record companies will scour to search for new talent, new sound and isn’t that the main goal for any musician?

These profile assist me in keeping track of all my music, all my fans and all my projects I am working on that are still in progress. I wish my profiles would look nearly as neat and organized as Kim Bettasso’s, though, but who am I kidding! As a musically gifted person, you are destined to be unorganized and a total mess. Beethoven’s piano was said to be littered full of musical compositions. They were laying all over the house and one day the maid threw them away, thinking they were junk, which didn’t sit well with Beethoven.


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