Colby Burke Discusses 3 of the Best Places for Musicians to Hang Out in Hilton Head

Hilton Head, South Carolina is one of the musical hot spots of South Carolina. It is a location with numerous areas to play and shop for music. The island itself is hospitable to many musicians and can provide regular opportunities to play and be paid for playing music. The island’s music stores and music venues all have an inviting atmosphere and a broad variety of opportunities for musicians to spend time. 

John’s Music

John’s Music is definitely a hub for musicians who want to hang out and talk music. Colby Burke Hilton Headbelieves that this store is one of the largest that caters to music and musicians on the island. This store has a wide variety of instruments, amplifiers, and accessories including guitar picks and piano tuners. Many of these instruments are offered by the largest brands such as Fender and Elixir. The store also has areas where musicians can sit and talk about their craft. There are a few inside chairs where musicians and other customers can sit and play some of the instruments for sale. John’s Music is a great place for musicians to meet and talk about the latest instruments being released. 


Fretworks! is another store that sells everything an individual needs to make music. Colby Burke Hilton Head argues that it is similar to John’s Music in many ways. There are accessories and instruments that individuals can try out before making a purchase. The main difference is its close appreciation of education and lessons. Many individuals arrive at Fretworks! for all sorts of lessons. There are lessons for woodwind instruments, guitar, bass, and piano. 

Education ranges from rudimentary-level lessons for schoolchildren to the most demanding professional exercises. The education focus makes Fretworks! a great place for individuals of all talent levels. Younger apprentices can learn from experienced musicians and hear stories about famous gigs or youthful shenanigans. All of these experiences can be hand in a safe, fun environment for every variety of musician. 

The Boardroom

The Boardroom is one of Hilton Head’s most prestigious music venues. Musicians can sit at the club, have a drink, and take in one of a number of different acts every week. The venue allows for a number of different bands and has a large dance area for all forms of dance. Musicians often gather and discuss their craft either during shows or intermissions. Performing acts will often hold court with a number of local musicians before and after shows. The presence of music at all times makes The Boardroom a popular gathering spot for Hilton Head’s musicians. They can come together, trade ideas, and line up future gigs at these events. 


Hilton Head has a lot to offer its community of musicians. There are numerous areas where musicians can buy new accessories or new instruments. Several clubs are devoted to bringing in the hottest new musical acts on a nightly basis. Even some restaurants have regular musical offerings on weekend nights. Whatever the instrument or genre of music, musicians can take comfort in their many options for spending time and honing their craft in Hilton Head. 

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