An In-Depth Investors Underground Review

 It’s certainly helpful to read an article or watch a video… but being able to engage in a back-and-forth regarding the most detailed aspects of a specific subject is something I feel is invaluable.

Offering live trading recommendations through day trading chat rooms, Investors Underground is a company providing subscribers with highly detailed and easily accessible resources suitable for traders of all skill and experience levels. In order to gain a deeper understanding of their services and to hopefully benefit in the manner that so many others before me had, I purchased a subscription with the company several months ago.

During those past few months I have sought to expand my investing strategies through the educational resources made available by Investors Underground, taking advantage of the blog posts and video lessons, not to mention the practical advice routinely offered through the chat rooms. Having some previous experience in biotech stocks, I was pleased to see that many of the team members were able to offer expert insight into each of the following investments, strategies and styles:

GraphEquities and options

• Swing trading

• Short-biased swing trades

• Niche strategies

• Short-term day trades

Of course, the team members and moderators possess a varied skill set that includes styles and strategies beyond just those mentioned above, but I found these particular strategies to be most useful for my particular goals. This may be the program’s greatest strength, particularly since day traders from all backgrounds are very likely to find the information and insight they are looking for through Investors Underground.

In this Investors Underground review, I will go over the different subscription options that are available along with the various resources that subscribers will have at their disposal. Before going into greater detail, I’d like to broadly identify the positives and negatives inherent in a subscription.

Pros: Wealth of information regarding a variety of trading styles along with real-time updates and advice through chat rooms and daily watch lists.

Cons: The fact that there is so much information available may overwhelm new day traders, but this overabundance is mitigated by the help of moderators and the availability of blog posts, video lessons and other informational resources.

Evaluating Costs and Selecting a Package

Investors Underground offers four subscription packages (two distinct packages – standard and elite – paid on either a monthly or annual basis), and it is probably best for each trader to take some time to figure out which package is most ideally suited for their specific goals. The packages are as follows:

• IU Standard Annual ($1,397 per year, or $117 per month)

• IU Standard Monthly ($197 per month)

• IU Elite Annual ($1,897 per year, or $158 per month)

• IU Elite Monthly ($297 per month)

All of the packages include the InvestorsLive scans, bi-monthly webinars and access to the Momentum, Swing and OTC Chat Rooms, with the Elite package offering weekly recap video lessons along with access to the video lesson library. Obviously, the cost is reduced significantly over the course of an annual subscription compared to the monthly option, but traders who want to sample the program first may prefer the shorter commitment despite the increased cost per month.

Personally, I started out with the Standard package for one month before upgrading to the Elite package at the annual rate. This was mainly because of the access to the video lesson library, which has proved to be an incredibly valuable resource in expanding my knowledge base and in helping me develop a deeper understanding of the styles and strategies at my disposal.

Utilizing the Daily Watch Lists

Even before subscribing to Investors Underground I had heard quite a bit about the daily watch lists generated in advance of each trading day. While I knew that subscribers held these lists in high regard, I did not have a clear understanding of just how much I would be able to benefit from these scans, particularly from the inclusion of the high-volume stocks. I have now come to rely on the information provided in these watch lists and spend my early morning hours developing a plan for my trading day based on this resource.

Varied Expertise Available Through Team Members and Chat Room

There have been many instances in which I was able to find specific pieces of information regarding a certain investment style from one of the moderators in the chat rooms. When I had a question about points of inflection and points of exhaustion, I received a response from Nathan, an investor with more than a decade’s worth of experience and an expert-level understanding of the subject I was asking about. When I asked about swing trading, I was able to benefit from the advice of Michele and Sandro, both of whom have specialized in different facets of this particular style. It’s certainly helpful to read an article or watch a video that provides detailed information, but being able to engage in a back-and-forth regarding the most detailed aspects of a specific subject is something I feel is invaluable.

Taking Advantage of Additional Resources

If I could start over, the one thing I would do differently would definitely be to just go ahead and invest in the educational training course bundle before doing anything else. After about six or eight weeks as a subscriber, I purchased the Textbook Trading Education Course at the reduced rate of $597 (down from $997). I was concerned about the cost at first, but I had performed so well during my first two months of trading that it was less cost prohibitive than it initially seemed when I first joined.

After going through the course several times over and applying what I had learned, I wound up investing in the Tandem Trader Educational Course as well. At $697 (also reduced significantly from $1,497) and including over 14 hours of actionable information, it was well worth the price, but I should have just bought the bundle that was available for $1,097 with a promo code.

Out of all the investing I have done over the past few months, this is probably the lone example in which I utilized an inefficient approach. Obviously, I was still able to yield a serious benefit despite missing out on the savings available through the bundle. On the whole, I have found Investors Underground to be a worthy endeavor that includes exceptional educational opportunities from knowledgeable and experienced traders.

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