7 Tips For Creating Your Music Album Cover

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Creating music is what gives some people life. As any musician knows, there’s a lot more that goes into it than just making the music. You need to consider everything from the promotion as well as the album art. The album art will be closely attached to the album, so you want it to be good. Here are 7 tips for creating your music album cover.

1. Use a design that represents you as an artist

Most importantly, your album cover needs a design that represents you as an artist. If you are a classically trained pianist with low tolerance for nonsense, you might want something classic and clean looking. If you are upcoming and more of a rule breaker, you may want something more abstract. The colors and design should match your musical style.

2. Incorporate name/logo into the design

People need to know whose music they are looking at when they look at album art. If they share the music with others, you want people to see the name of the musician right there in the album art. Put a clear logo or your name on the album cover for everyone to see. This can even help increase sales to people who encounter the album art while listening to a song.

3. Do something to stand out

There are an almost endless amount of musicians out there. You need to make sure you stand out compared to all of these different people. There are a number of different ways to stand out. Some people use sex appeal. Other people use shock. Still others use gimmicks, such as using 3D technology. Find a substantial way to stand out that helps set you apart from other people. You need to get people’s attention.

4. Try different concepts

Do not pick one concept and stick with that concept the entire time. Instead, try a couple of different concepts. Take all pictures in one day. Examine all of your options with your team to decide which concept works best for you. Once you make a decision on which concept you want to go with, you can narrow it down to those pictures until you find the best one. Having multiple concepts allows you to ultimately be more creative. When you have options, you can see which one works best when it’s next to the others.

5. Ask fans for advice

The music and the album art is a form of expression for you, but it’s also for the fans. Their opinion matters. Show them that you care about what they think by asking in advance. Put out a poll on social media with a couple of different pictures for your album cover to see which one your fans like the most. If one picture is the clear winner, you know this is probably the best picture to use.

6. Use a picture editing software

It’s hard to take the absolute perfect picture. After you take a picture for your album cover, you need to use advanced picture editing software. This will help you make the picture that much better. You can make alterations to change certain unattractive aspects of the picture, such as skin problems on a model. If you happen to be looking for photo editing services in the Pleasantville, NY area, you should look up Daniel Doyle Pleasantville NY. He has the skills and knowhow to take a picture and turn in into something that looks professional and appealing.

7. Promote design (and upcoming album) on social media

Social media is a great place to promote upcoming music. When you do have your album art ready, you should put it out on social media. This gives people a taste of your creative direction by looking at the album art, and it encourages them to look out for the album when it does finally come out. You need to promote your album if you expect to get sales.

Daniel Doyle Pleasantville NY is here to help make your album cover something that screams professionalism as well as creativity. You tell him your ideas, and he can create a picture you’ll be proud to put next to your album for years to come

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