7 PR Ideas for Women and Their Small Businesses

In a world that is constantly dominated by men, it gets harder and harder for a woman to make it. Women have always been given the short-end of the stick.

Your business brand begins with great content, according to Nancy Behrman. You need great content in order to be noticed. Those who cannot write should hire someone to do it. It is your message. No one can take that away from you. Good PR and branding begin with the message you wish to convey. The rest will take care of itself.

Your content has to come with instructions. More and more people are visual learners. You need to give them something to see and look at. You may have the greatest message in the world for your brand. It will mean nothing without something to instruct and guide your audience.

Get social. Use any sort of social media platform you can with your audience. Social media is the new landscape of our time.

You cannot repeat the same old same old. You have to breathe new life into what you have already done. Take an old message and make it relatable.

Recycle some of your old stuff. Our world is built on repetition these days. Not many come up with original ideas. When the idea is original, it has to be formulated into a pop formula. Use this to your advantage, ladies. Originality does not work anymore. Repetition is the new way of thinking.

Have some sort of referral thing going. This is where you give incentives to those who recommend people to you. Think outside of the box with it. Come up with a new way of offering the rewards. Everyone is doing it, so you have to be clever.

You have to engage your audience. It is the only way to succeed. Offer some contests to cultivate an interest level. Develop some sort of brand where the audience supplies feedback. People love to give their opinions. Why not put their opinions to good use?

Ladies, you have to come together in business. Have each other’s backs. Work with one another. Once you bring success to each other, you will have success for yourself.

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