5 Things To Do Before Your Casting Audition

Wood Harris

Have you been invited for an audition or have you stumbled into an open casting audition? Count yourself lucky because this might be the beginning of a successful journey as an actor or a musician. One thing you need to know is that an audition is like any other job interview and the only difference is that you will do the actual acting more than answering general questions during the audition. You need to know some of the things that are capable of pleasing your future directors and producers and therefore stand out from other aspiring actors. Here are some tips that will help you to be fully prepared for a casting audition.

Acknowledge Receipt of the Invitation

If you got an invitation to an audition after applying for an acting position, you need to acknowledge its receipt and accept it with enthusiasm. It shows that know the meaning of courtesy, respect and has a passion for acting. Again, in some cases, you may find that the people who replied to the email sent are the only people who will be allowed to take part in the actual auditioning. Even if it’s an open audition and the company has provided their contacts on their ad or flyers for auditioning, it is good to call and confirm the details as it shows your genuine interest in acting.

Do a Research on the Audition

Get to know more about your future casting directors, the casting office, and what you will be auditioning for because it can be a movie, a play, a skit or an advert. You should do extensive research on what they will ask for during the audition. For instance, they can ask you to give a monologue, and in such a case, you have to prepare and have two or more monologues at heart before going for the audition. In case you will be reading from a script, ask for the script and memorize your lines and if you can do this correctly, the casting directors will know the level of your preparedness and readiness to become an actor. Wood Harris says that having the script in advance will also help you to understand the role you are playing and therefore equip yourself with this person.

Rehearse Your Audition

Once you memorize the line of the script or prepared the monologues, start practicing them in the same way you will do during the audition. For perfection or close to perfection act, you would be required to go over them several times until you feel comfortable to do it in front of other people. You can do these practices in front of a mirror or consider rehearsing your lines with your friends and family members to overcome any chance of shyness or anxiety. All this will boost your confidence compared to doing it for the first time in front of the casting directors.

Carry Few Copies of Your Resume and Head-shot

When going for an audition, it is good to take advantage and sell your talent to as many people as you can. According to wood Harris, you will never know who you will meet during the audition and therefore it is good to have your documents ready with you because a chance may present itself. Also, your casting director will need a copy of the same, and therefore you must be prepared with your acting testimonials such as a resume and a head-shot.

Arrive Early Enough

If you want to arrive early, you must be sure with details such as date, location and time you are required to be at the casting office. This way, you will not get lost during the due date, and you will arrive on time. Also, make sure you get prepared for the day on the night or day before, and this includes deciding what you will wear, confirming the documents and setting the alarm to avoid waking up late. Arriving late in an audition like any other interview is a deal breaker, and you might end being restless and unprepared and perform poorly.

Every time you are called for interview feels like the very time you went for one. Going for a casting audition is not different, but with these preparation tips, it is easier to stand out from other aspiring actors.

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